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Rio Colorado Discovery

Southern Comfort Room

Southern Comfort Room

NPS Photo

1st Trip: On 11/9/2002, Carl Bern led Mike Wiles, Doug Pflugh, & Derek Wolfe on a trip to Blind Faith in the Southern Comfort Section, where they discovered the Rio Colorado.

Trip Report: Checked leads along the LOG survey in the OK Coral area in the Southern Comfort Section, but they did not go. Went to Blind Faith to check leads. We surveyed into a lead with flowstone and stalactites all over. Very pretty! The only lead past this is right over the flowstone. We then found a small river off water that we named Rio Colorado. We survey 282 feet.

2nd Trip: On 1/11/2003, Carl Bern led Mike Wiles, & Derek Wolfe back to the Rio Colorado.

Trip Report: We carried Tyvek suits, aqua socks, clean gloves, etc to explore past the flowstone at Rio Colorado. Derek went thru first and report only one small room with a danergous climb lead out of it. We took a bunch of photos or the area. We surveyed 124 feet in another lead.

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