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Wind Cave National Park has a colorful history. Many people have been involved in exploring and learning about the cave, protecting and understanding the wildlife, and creating a national park that welcomes all people. Below are a few of the influential voices of Wind Cave National Park.

Early Cave Explorers

Cave Exploration


Civilian Conservation Corps

The history of the lands on which WCNP now sits form a diverse and deeply layered cultural tapestry. The Home of the Bison: An Ethnographic and Ethnohistorical Study of Traditional Cultural Affiliations to Wind Cave National Park provides readers with insight into how its lands and resources have dynamically changed in the course of a history with different waves of human occupation.


Women of Wind Cave -

Katie Stabler | John Stabler's daughter was one of the Wind Cave's earliest explorers.

Emma McDonald | Emma McDonald was the wife of Elmer McDonald, and sister-in-law to Alvin McDonald. She was the mother of Inez, Irene and Raemond McDonald.

Inez (McDonald) Foley | Inez was Alvin McDonald's niece, and daughter of Elmer and Emma McDonald.

Esther Brazell | The first woman park ranger at Wind Cave National Park while her father and brother were superintendents from 1914 to 1928

Meta Brazell | Led tours through the cave while her husband Roy Brazell was superintendent. He was superintendent from 1919 to 1928.

Did You Know?

Star Lily

The Star Lilly (Leucocrinum montanum) has several common names including sand lily, sage lily, mountain lily, wild tuberose, and Star-of-Bethlehem. The word Leucocrinum comes from Greek meaning "white lily." More...