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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Passages through many worlds

Located in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota, Wind Cave National Park is bordered by the Black Hills National Forest on the west, Custer State Park on the north, and private lands on the east and south.

Originally signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt on 9 January 1903, the Act "To set apart certain lands in the State of South Dakota as a public park, to be known as the Wind Cave National Park" created the seventh national park in the United States and the first devoted to the protection of a "cavern underlying … certain tracts, pieces, or parcels of land." Subsequent legislation enlarged the park and expanded its purpose to include the preservation and protection of subterranean and surface ecosystems as well as significant cultural and historical resources.

This historic resource study of Wind Cave National Park written by Mark David Spence, Ph.D. can be downloaded by clicking here.

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