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Lake Vega Discovery

Carl Bern at Lake Vega

Carl Bern at Lake Vega

NPS Photo by Mike Wiles

Trip: On 12/11/2004, Carl Bern led Mike Wiles, Derek Wolfe, & Peggy Renwick on a survey trip to the Cosmos area in the Southern Comfort Section, where they discovered a newly formed lake, Lake Vega.

Trip Report: We went to the Cosmos area in the Southern Comfort Section to push the SW corner of Wind Cave. We surveyed a lead at LO37 and then left one lead that had a scary climb to get into it. We then went to VEGA, the southernmost point in Wind Cave. We discovered a pool of water in the main passage!! It was over 8-inches deep in places and had rafts forming on the surface. This is the first lake discovered in the Southern Comfort Section. We then surveyed a couple of short passages nearby. We left a few leads to return to while surveying 547 feet.

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Did You Know?

American bison on the Wind Cave National Park prairie

The American bison is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. Male bison can weigh a ton and can run 35 miles per hour. Do not approach bison. They weigh more and can outrun you. More...