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Caving Narrative 1984 - May 27

Jim Pisarowicz (instruments) and Warren Netherton (book) surveying along the Smurf Path

Jim Pisarowicz (instruments) and Warren Netherton (book) surveying along the Smurf Path

NPS Photo by Andi O'Conor

Mike Babbitt, Jim Pisarowicz, Warren Netherton

Duration of Trip:
13 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
450 feet

Continued the XU survey beyond the Wretched Hole. Also connected this survey into previous surveys. Tried to push east as much as possible. Got into several "large" rooms. Most notable is the Bunkhouse, a large room with high ceilings. Several unchecked leads go off this room. Continued survey down the Smurf Passage (named because of the blue and white flagging tape used, the same color as the cartoon characters called the Smurfs) and on into a smaller room named Garganell's Castle. There is a good lead in the floor of this room under the breakdown. From here we continued up a lead and eventually arrived at a room we called the Capital. This room is definitely upper level and contains a high dome (30 feet) and a side room which has mud cracks and is very moist. This room was not surveyed as our time limit was about up.

Report by: Jim Pisarowicz

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