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    Wind Cave

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Birth of a National Park - Visiting the Cave

Wind Cave Excursion by Stage Poster

Wind Cave Poster

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The Stablers built a hotel near the entrance to Wind Cave to accommodate visitors. An excursion to the cave included a stagecoach ride to and from the cave and a meal at the hotel. After arriving, visitors were given a candle. They entered the cave through a trap door, descending a series of ladders to begin their adventure.
Wind Cave Hotel
Wind Cave Hotel and stagecoach (left).  Wind Cave hotel and cave entrance (right).
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Collecting Formations from the Cave

Collecting Formations from the Cave in the Pre-Park Days

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Collecting and Selling Formations

The cave was being advertised as having more miles of passageways than any other cave, being 97 miles long. McDonalds and Stablers were also selling cave formations and minerals. Katie Stabler opened a store in town to advertise the cave and sell formations.

Katie Stabler's Specimen Price List

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Katie Stabler's Specimen Price List
John Stabler Business Card

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John Stabler's Business Card

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