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    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

Abstract - A Mind Reader, A Pin Head, and a Fool, The Story of "Professor" Johnstone's Visit to Wind Cave

Farrell, Tom. 1988. A Mind Reader, A Pin Head, and a Fool; The Story of "Professor" Johnstone's Visit to Wind Cave. 14 p.


Occasionally an event occurs which blossoms into a happening, a story which becomes more than fact; it becomes legend- a legend retold over the years until the distinction between myth and reality is lost. Swallowed by the passage of time, the event, like its participants, fade into history, the myth and reality become one. Such is the case of Professor Johnstone's visit to Wind Cave in June 1893. If newspapers are to believed, a clairvoyant "Professor" named Paul Alexander Johnstone wagered he would be able to find, while blindfolded, a pin head hidden within the depths of Wind Cave. Newspapers record that he found it after three days, but did they record the facts, or the legend in the making?

Did You Know?


Wind Cave is one of the longest caves in the world and has an amazing amount of a rare cave formation called boxwork. More...