• Wind Cave National Park - Two Worlds

    Wind Cave

    National Park South Dakota

1959 NSS Expedition to Wind Cave Expedition Report - Appendix I

Wind Cave Expedition Organizational Chart

National Park Service
E.M. Semingsen, Supt., J.M. Good (Washington)

Expedition Leader
R.F. Brown

National Speleological Society
G.W. Moore - V.P. - Research

W. Cate

Scientific Leader
R.F. Brown

Geology Team
G.H. Deike, W.B. White

Biology Team
S. Peck, G. Tecklin, R. Alex

Meteorology Team
R.F. Brown, D.N. Cournoyer

Photographic Team
D. Snupe, L. Matthews

Exploration Team
W. Plummer

W.B. White

Administrative Leader
D.N. Cournoyer

Supply Officer
W. Peters

C. Eckel

Surface Topography
R.G. Deike

Cave Surveys
W.B. White, G.H. Deike, J.A. Stellmack, W. Eckel, L. Matthews

J.L. Haas

Did You Know?


Wind Cave is one of the longest caves in the world and has an amazing amount of a rare cave formation called boxwork. More...