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    Wind Cave

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For Kids

Ranger with Family on a Hike

Ranger with Family on a Hike

NPS Photo by Tom Bean

Wind Cave National Park offers a variety of wonderful opportunities to learn about the natural resources of the park for children. Ranger guided hikes, cave tours, or campfire programs provide interesting information about many different aspects of the park. Exploring the visitor center, participating in a Junior Ranger Program, or hiking in the park are great ways to discover what is special about this national park.

Junior Ranger
Get a copy of the Wind Cave National Park Junior Ranger book.

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Did You Know?

Natural Entrance of Wind Cave

Winds caused by changes in barometric pressure are what give Wind Cave its name. These winds have been measured at the cave's walk-in entrance at over 70 mph. The winds at the natural entrance of the cave attracted the attention of Native Americans and early settlers.