• The dunes in soft light

    White Sands

    National Monument New Mexico

Patio Talks

Ranger Danielle with topo map
NPS Photo

When you attend a Patio Talk, there are so many things you could learn! You may learn about the anatomy of the historic visitor center, the colorful frontier history of the Tularosa Basin, or even how to read tracks in the sand. Or you could simply have your questions answered and pick up tips for enjoying your stay at White Sands National Monument. All you have to do is join a ranger on the visitor center patio!

Programs are offered every day at 1:30 pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The rest of the year, Patio Talks are offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 pm. These informal programs last about 20 minutes and are a great family activity.

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