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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Paved Paths

There is a flat, paved, 0.36-mile, self-guiding loop trail through the original mission site. There are several benches located along the trail.

A 370-foot, paved path leads from the Visitor Center, up a small rise, to where the Whitmans are buried in a mass grave.

A paved trail at the base of the hill leads to a marker for the Whitman's biological daughter, Alice Clarissa Whitman, who drowned at the age of 2.

A monument to the Whitmans stands at the top of a hill. There are two paths to the top. Both are paved, but are very steep. There is a bench half-way up on both paths.

Did You Know?

picture of Great Basin Wild Rye Grass

Great Basin Wild Rye Grass is part of the natural landscape at Whitman Mission. The name Waiilatpu, meaning place of rye grass, was used by the people to name the mission site.