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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Useful Information for Large Groups

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Whether you are a professional tour leader, an educator, or the person volunteered to coordinate the family reunion, the information provided below should help your visit go more smoothly.

Park Movie

  • The park movie is 20 minutes long.
  • The auditorium is wheelchair accessible.
  • The auditorium holds a maximum of 76 people.
  • Groups larger than 76 people may want to plan on two showings of the slide show to allow all group members an opportunity to view the show.
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For More Information
Call 509-522-6360

Bus Parking

Buses can unload and load in front of the building. There are parking spots specifically for buses on the far curve of the parking lot.

Did You Know?

Oregon Trail Wagon

Wagons used on the Oregon Trail had to carry nearly 2000 pounds of supplies. They traveled 2000 miles or more to the Oregon Country. Most wagons were pulled by oxen as they could eat the prairie grass and survive without lots of food for lengthy periods.