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Is Two Too Many?

Blog entry: January 25, 2012
By Renee Rusler

Visitors spotted these two otters cavorting in the park's pond. Otters are occasionally seen at the park and are always fun to watch. These two alternated between swimming and getting onto one of the park's floating boards. But the board would start to sink when they both got on.

otter climbing onto floating board
One otter climbs on board.
NPS - Renee Rusler
two otters on the board
Joined by a friend.
NPS - Renee Rusler
board sinks below the water due to the weight of the two otters now on the floating board
Is two too many? One can barely see the board these two otters are sitting on.
NPS - Renee Rusler

Did You Know?

picture of tule lodge

The tule lodge offers a comfortable place for the people inside. The structure is held up by wooden poles and covered with mats made of tule. Tules are a type of sedge; they grow in marshy areas; and are also called "bullrushes." Tules are stronger than they look. A tule lodge can withstand rain and wind.