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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Park Statistics

Looking across landscaped part of grounds: curving path, lawn, and trees

NPS collection

The park maintains 98.25 acres.

1961: 5.6 acres transferred from Walla Walla County to provide access from Highway 12.
1960: 46.71 acres located to the north of monument grounds are purchased.
1940: 45.94 acres deeded to the NPS. This included the Mission Grounds, Memorial Hill, and the Great Grave.

Visitors gathered around a ranger wearing 1840's period clothing.

NPS collection

Total Recreation Visits for 2006- 53,737
Total Recreation Visits for 2005- 56,714

Money: 5 dollar bill and 1 dollar bill

NPS collection

FY 2006 Operating Budget: $709,000
FY 2005 Operating Budget: $684,000



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Monthly Public Use Reports for Whitman Mission National Historic Site

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Did You Know?

picture of sawmill sign

The mission at Waiilatpu had a sawmill supplying it with needed cut lumber. It was located in the Mill Creek drainage. Lumber was needed for the split rail fences and finishing the houses built at the mission.