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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Park Statistics

Looking across landscaped part of grounds: curving path, lawn, and trees

NPS collection

The park maintains 98.25 acres.

1961: 5.6 acres transferred from Walla Walla County to provide access from Highway 12.
1960: 46.71 acres located to the north of monument grounds are purchased.
1940: 45.94 acres deeded to the NPS. This included the Mission Grounds, Memorial Hill, and the Great Grave.

Visitors gathered around a ranger wearing 1840's period clothing.

NPS collection

Total Recreation Visits for 2006- 53,737
Total Recreation Visits for 2005- 56,714

Money: 5 dollar bill and 1 dollar bill

NPS collection

FY 2006 Operating Budget: $709,000
FY 2005 Operating Budget: $684,000



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