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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Doan Creek Restoration Time-Line

  • Early 1990s, the Park Service decided that Doan Creek should be managed as a stream as well as an irrigation channel.
  • 1999, the park holds a series of public meetings regarding long-range planning for the Mission.
  • 2000, a General Management Plan for the park is completed, containing a goal to restore Doan Creek to its original state.
  • 2004, the funding proposal for Doan Creek is approved.
  • 2005, Whitman Mission begins restoration of the original Doan Creek channel.
  • 2006 & 2007, the banks of the restored creek are covered by black mulch cloth to keep invasive species, such as reed canary grass, from taking over and dominating the area.
  • 2007, park staff and volunteers plant native trees and shrubs along the creek.

Written by Roger Trick, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management, Whitman Mission NHS

Did You Know?

painting of mission with wagon in front

The Whitmans’ mission was important to early Oregon Trail travelers. Those who were sick, tired, or hungry or who needed a wagon fixed would make the side trip to the mission. Some would spend the winter with the Whitmans before continuing on to the Willamette Valley.