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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Books On-line

Whitman Mission National Historic Site by Erwin N. Thompson
National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 37, Washington, D.C.: 1964
This booklet describes the Whitmans' trip west, their time at the mission, and their untimely deaths.


Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the Opening of Old Oregon by Clifford M. Drury
This book provides well documented, detailed information about the Whitmans, their early lives, the trip out, their time at Waiilatpu, their deaths, and the aftermath. Click on the title to get to the table of contents. Each chapter is available as a PDF file.


A Brief History and Description of the National Park System
Written for the 50th Anniversary of the National Park Service in 1966. (pdf, 2.95 MB)

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