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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides

General Statement to Teachers; We are glad you have chosen to visit Whitman Mission National Historic Site. This guide has been designed to help teachers who have selected Whitman Mission as a field trip destination. We hope it will be a useful tool in planning your classroom activities while studying this particular period in history. Nothing in this booklet is protected by copyright laws, so you are encouraged to copy and distribute anything you wish.

1. Mission at Waiilatpu Teacher’s Guide

Thank you for your interest in Whitman Mission National Historic Site.The mission at Waiilatpu Teacher’s Guide is adapted to Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

The teachers’ guide will assist you in learning and teaching the history of the Pacific Northwest and the Oregon Trail. It has sections on the First People of the Northwest, Missionaries, and Pioneers. Specific sections include subject specific activities in social studies, language arts, spelling, math, science and art. Even if you are not a teacher but are interested in the history of the Pacific Northwest, or researching for a paper, that you will take some time to look at the interesting informative material available in the teachers’ guide.


2. Oregon Trail Teacher’s Guide

The Oregon Trail Education Resource Guide was developed by Bureau of Land Management staff, Trail Tender Volunteers, and Eastern Oregon University. The 158-page Resource Guide is designed for use by teachers and other educators who are teaching Oregon Trail history. Some activities are designed for the classroom while others are specific to the Bureau of Land Management Oregon Trail Interpretive Center near Baker City Oregon and would necessitate a field trip to the site. The guide is designed for use by fourth grade teachers who traditionally teach Oregon history, but many activities can be adapted to younger or older students. Copies are available at no charge to educators. Teachers may make copies of any portion of the guide for classroom use.


3. Explorers of the Pacific Northwest Guide

The Explorers of the Northwest is a 148-page education resource guide on the topic of explorers who blazed the trails to the Pacific Northwest. It includes background history, classroom discussion activities, site-visit activities, worksheets, coloring sheets and references. It was developed by the Bureau of Land Management Oregon Trail Interpretive Center near Baker City Oregon, Trail Tender volunteers, and Eastern Oregon University. Hard-copy and CD versions are available.

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