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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Whitman Mission - Appearance

Painting of Whitman Mission as imagined by William Henry Jackson based on written descriptions.
Painting of the Whitman Mission as it may have looked in the 1840s. Painted by William Henry Jackson in 1930. It is part of the collection at the Oregon Trail Museum at Scotts Bluff National Monument.
Courtesy of William Henry Jackson Collection

Description of Whitman Mission by Thomas J. Farnham
Thomas Farnham visited the mission in September of 1839.


Waiilatpu in 1841
Description by Dr. Whitman

View of mission grounds from hilltop. Lawn, trees, and millpond can be seen.
Mission grounds today as seen from the top of the hill.
NPS photo

Did You Know?

photo of Alice Clarissa's memorial marker

On her 29th birthday Narcissa gave birth to a daughter, Alice Clarissa. The Cayuse called her “Cayuse Te-mi” (Cayuse girl) because she was born on Cayuse land. Some historians see her as a potential bridge between the two cultures. Unfortunately Alice Clarissa drowned when she was 2 years old.