• bible sitting next to a teapot

    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington


Bottom portion of a broken clay jar.

Bottom of clay jar found during archeological excavations at mission site.

NPS photo

Museum Collection
The park has over 6000 objects. There is also an archive of documents relating to the history of the park.

All serious research - regardless of educational level - is encouraged.

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Photo of Narcissa's writing desk

Narcissa's portable writing desk.

Oregon Historical Society


Letters, diaries, reports, and reminiscences were written by the Whitmans. Many of these are available on the web. more . . .

Clifford Drury's classic book about the Whitmans: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the Opening of Old Oregon

Books On-line

Read more about the Whitmans. Several books are available here.

Did You Know?

picture of tule lodge

The tule lodge offers a comfortable place for the people inside. The structure is held up by wooden poles and covered with mats made of tule. Tules are a type of sedge; they grow in marshy areas; and are also called "bullrushes." Tules are stronger than they look. A tule lodge can withstand rain and wind.