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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Curriculum Materials

Dear Educators;

Curriculum materials are available to use in the classroom. Educator guides may be obtained by clicking on Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides. They may be downloaded for free from the website.

The Stout-Hearted Seven Study Guide follows the book chapters. It is a story of the mission and history surrounding the Sager family orphaned group of seven children. The bookis available to order from stores or at our bookstore.

Community Service Learning Projects may be set up for school credit options. The projects may in many cases be completed at home or at school. Some require a student to participate in activities at Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

Volunteers-In-Parks Program Projects are also available. These volunteer projects may also be completed from home or at school. The process for this is outlined at Volunteers-In-Parks Program .

If you have any questions about how they may be used in the classroom, with on-site field trip experiences or post-visit field trip experiences in the classroom please call 509-522-6360 x2062 and ask for the Education Specialist Mike Dedman or e-mail.

Mike Dedman

Education Specialist / Volunteer Coordinator
Whitman Mission National Historic Site

Did You Know?

Oregon Trail Wagon

Wagons used on the Oregon Trail had to carry nearly 2000 pounds of supplies. They traveled 2000 miles or more to the Oregon Country. Most wagons were pulled by oxen as they could eat the prairie grass and survive without lots of food for lengthy periods.