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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Make Indian Moccasins


Copy the pattern onto a large piece of brown construction paper or craft paper. Make sure you draw it large enough for your foot. Follow the cut and fold directions. Use a hole punch to punch out the circles and use yarn or string to lace the moccasins together.

Decorate your moccasins with crayons, paint, buttons, beads, fabric (glued on), even cotton balls. Let your imagination run wild!

pattern for moccasin

Instructions adapted from Whitman Mission Teacher's Guide, 2004.

Did You Know?

picture of tule lodge

The tule lodge offers a comfortable place for the people inside. The structure is held up by wooden poles and covered with mats made of tule. Tules are a type of sedge; they grow in marshy areas; and are also called "bullrushes." Tules are stronger than they look. A tule lodge can withstand rain and wind.