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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington

Design Your Own Quilt Block

3 by 3 grid for use in designing a quilt block


  • Make different patterns by dividing the squares into triangles.
  • Make different patterns by drawing an X through each square or through some of the squares.
  • Color each patch a different color.
  • Use two colors and make a checkerboard pattern.
  • If you have a patchwork quilt at home, draw that pattern.
  • Make up your very own pattern and color it in your favorite colors.

From Whitman Mission Teacher's Guide, 2004

Did You Know?

Brass compass which belonged to Dr. Whitman

In the fall of 1842 Dr. Whitman decided to travel from Waiilatpu to Boston. He wanted to convince the board members to keep his mission station open. Dr. Whitman was in such a hurry when he left that he forgot his compass.