• Whiskeytown Lake from the Davis Gulch Trail


    National Recreation Area California


Pacific Giant Salamander swimming in a creek
Pacific giant salamander (Dicamptodon ensatus)
Whiskeytown's many perennial creeks and shaded mid to high elevation forests support a diverse group of amphibian species. The park is home to six frog and toad, three salamander, two ensatina, and one newt species. Of these, two species (foothill yellow-legged frogs and tailed frogs) are federal species of concern, and one species (bullfrog) is a highly destructive non-native invader.

Download Whiskeytown's amphibian and reptile list (pdf, 48K).

Did You Know?

Phantom Orchid

Whiskeytown has phantom orchids (Cephalanthera austiniae)? They are all white and devoid chlorophyll. This means that it cannot make energy for itself and must rely on symbiotic mycorrhizae for its nutrition.