• Whiskeytown Lake from the Davis Gulch Trail


    National Recreation Area California

Fire Rehabilitation

French Fire Rehabilitation

In 2004, the French Fire burned along the northernmost boundary of Whiskeytown which significantly increased the distribution and abundance of non-native and invasive species within the park boundary. This increase in non-native invasive plant species is a stumbling block to the park, which has been aggressively treating exotic plant species since the Trinity Fire in 1999. After this previous fire, non-native invasive species are estimated to have increased by as much as 400%. The treatments within this area were an overall success; however, the French Fire has provided an ideal environment for these non-native species to once again expand rapidly into previously uninfested areas both within the fire perimeter and the surrounding areas. Specifically, the objectives of this rehabilitation project are the following:
  • Control new and expanding non-native invasive plant populations within the French Fire.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of control treatments.
  • Map new non-native invasive plant infestations.
  • Rehabilitate the most impacted areas with native seed and by planting willows.

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