White House North Fence Restoration Project

PA Ave Fence Restoration - March - November 2014 (Final)

A map of the closed area during restoration work

NPS Photo


Sections of the White House sidewalk will be temporarily and partially closed for public safety during a project to restore the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue. The project, which includes the White House sidewalk adjacent to Pennsylvania Avenue from East Executive Avenue to West Executive Avenue, NW, will be done in separate, distinct and consecutive phases, from approximately March 2014 until April 2015. Each phase requires the closure of designated sections of the White House sidewalk. An eight-foot wide portion of the White House sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue and adjacent to the closed section will remain open, subject to the movement of construction equipment and supplies into and out of the project work area.

While project work is being completed on one of the designated work areas of the White House fence, the remainder of the White House sidewalk will remain fully open for public use.

The National Park Service appreciates the public's cooperation in this matter.

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