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    President's Park (White House)

    District of Columbia

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  • White House Visitor Center Rehabilitation and Closure Information

    The White House Visitor Center is closed for rehabilitation. A temporary visitor center is located near the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion, just west of the intersection of 15th and E streets, NW.

  • White House Fence Restoration and Sidewalk Closure

    The National Park Service is restoring the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue, portions of which are believed to date back to 1818. During this restoration work, sections of the White House sidewalk will be temporarily closed for public safety. More »

  • Construction Project Affecting the White House Sidewalk

    Due to a construction project, a portion of both the White House sidewalk and Pennsylvania Avenue near East Executive Avenue will be closed until April 2015.

National Christmas Tree Timeline

A Brief Timeline of the National Christmas Tree

Explore the timeline below for more information on some of the trees and the various locations where the tree lighting ceremonies have taken place over the years.

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The National Christmas Trees
1923 National Christmas Tree 1923
First National Christmas Tree
The first National Christmas Tree placed on the Ellipse.
1927 National Christmas Tree 1924
Sherman Plaza
Between 1924 and 1933, the National Christmas Tree was located in Sherman Plaza.
1934 National Christmas Tree 1934
Lafayette Park
From 1934 to 1938, the National Christmas Tree was in Lafayette Park.
The Ellipse, south of the White House. 1939
The Ellipse
From 1939 to 1940, the National Christmas Tree was on the Ellipse.
Roosevelt speaks at the 1941 National Christmas Tree 1941
White House South Lawn
From 1941 to 1953, the National Christmas Tree was located on the South Lawn of the White House
1956 National Christmas Tree 1954
The Ellipse
The National Christmas Tree returned to the Ellipse in 1954 and is still there.

Did You Know?

Zachary Taylor, 12th President: 1849-1850

Taylor was the second president to die in office. He spent July 4, 1850, at a ceremony at the Washington Monument. Taylor became ill from the heat and died five days later of intestinal ailments. Recently, his body was exhumed because some believed he was poisoned, but this was proved to be false.