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Photo by Alex von Kleydorff

Painting Sites Guide

Julian Alden Weir. In the Dooryard, 1894. Private Collection.

Painting Sites Guide
Explore some of the 250 painting sites at Weir Farm National Historic Site. Take this brochure to match pieces of art with the scenes that inspired them!


Garden Brochure
Explore the Secret Garden (c.1915), the elegant Sunken Garden (c.1930s), and the terraced gardens that cover the landscape. Julian Alden Weir's three daughters, especially his youngest Cora Weir Burlingham, created these beautiful garden landscapes which are still enjoyed by visitors today.


Stone Wall Brochure
Historic stone walls crisscross the landscape of Weir Farm National Historic Site. Learn about the stone walls on the property -- from their glacial history to their modern day uses.

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