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  • Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio Under Restoration

    The historic Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio are currently undergoing restoration and are closed to the public. The Burlingham House Visitor Center and park grounds remain open and available during regular hours. More »

Visitor of the Month

Bob (right) at the Nod Hill Parade
Bob Fox (left) walking in Ridgefield's 300th anniversary parade (2008).
National Park Service
Sperry Andrews (right) & Bob Fox (left)

Bob Fox and Sperry Andrews

National Park Service

April 2014 Visitor of the Month: Bob Fox

Visitors of the Month in 2014 will highlight past staff, friends, and family associated with Weir Farm National Historic Site (NHS). April begins by highlighting Bob Fox, the park's retired facility manager. Bob and his wife, Suzie, live in downtown Ridgefield, but he cannot stay away from the park. Either stopping by to see old friends or volunteering to play Julian Alden Weir at the Ghosts of Ridgefield, it is no wonder that Weir Farm NHS is Bob's favorite national park.

Bob first came to the park in 1991 and felt an instant connection because of his past; he grew up on his parent's old farm in New Fairfield. In recalling his dedicated years of service, one of Bob's favorite things about working here was, "ensuring that Weir Farm and its story will endure for years to come". In fact, the National Park Service recognized him in 2008, awarding Bob the prestigious Appleman-Judd-Lewis Award for his efforts that helped stabilize, preserve, and make accessible many of the park's structures and cultural landscapes. Bob also loved being present for the last generation of artists that lived at the park, the Andrews. He fondly remembers Sperry Andrews painting in the Young Studio on wintery days and experiencing Doris Andrews's passion for the preservation of the park. Maybe this connection to the people and his role in the preservation of the park is why Bob is so excited for the upcoming grand opening of the Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio.

Perhaps you will see Bob at the park enjoying his favorite activity, "walking around the park late in the day with the sun low in the west". Alternatively, if you find yourself near Peconic Bay on Long Island this winter, you might see Bob supervising repair work on 600-feet of bulkhead.

Today, Bob is still always on the move from learning to cane chairs to teaching himself iMovie, he is always "tinkering". Bob and Suzie's daughter, Margaret, is studying to be a Presbyterian minister and a lawyer, and their son, Tony, is a stringed instrument technician at a Guitar Center in Florida.

Bob, we cannot thank you enough for your dedication and tireless efforts in preserving the story of this special place for future generations!!!

Bob as J Alden Weir - Banner
Julian Alden Weir (Bob Fox) at the Ghosts of Ridgefield.
National Park Service

Did You Know?

Weir Studio - Photo by Peter Margonelli

Weir Farm National Historic Site is located in the historic town of Branchville, Connecticut. It was named for the "branch" of the train line that used to connect the Danbury railroad to the center of Ridgefield, Connecticut.