• From Right to Left: Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio

    Weir Farm

    National Historic Site Connecticut

Nature & Science

Two turkeys and several poults walk along a path.
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site
Weir Farm National Historic Site is located in the Southern New England Coastal Plains and Hills in the southern part of Connecticut. Located in the towns of Ridgefield and Wilton, the park includes: successional old fields, mesic successional hardwood forests, vernal wetland areas, streams, a pond, rocky ridges and two farmsteads with their associated outbuildings.

The animal community at Weir Farm National Historic Site consists of white-tailed deer, squirrels, woodchuck, cotton-tail rabbit, turkey, fox, turtles, frogs, salamanders, panfish in the pond, and a variety of songbirds.


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Environmental Factors

Learn more about Environmental Monitoring programs, Water Quality and Forest Health, and invasive plants at Weir Farm National Historic Site

Natural Features & Ecosystems

All of the property east of Nod Hill Road is included within the Norwalk River Watershed. Learn more about the ecosystems at Weir Farm National Historic Site here.

Weir Pond
Inventory and Monitoring
Interested in learning more about the park's natural resources? Check out species lists, reports, resource briefs, climate change information, and download a map of the park for Google Earth on the park's
Inventory and Monitoring page. This informative site is prepared by the Northeast Temperate Network, a regional team of resource monitoring experts!

Did You Know?

Weir Studio - Photo by Peter Margonelli

Weir Farm National Historic Site was home to six artists: painter Julian Alden Weir, sculptor Mahonri Young, painter Dorothy Weir Young, painter Doris Andres and painter Sperry Andrews. More...