Burlingham Complex

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Northern approach to the Burlingham Complex. (left to right: Burlighham House Visitor Center, Potting Shed, Sunken Garden, Woodshed)

Thomas Brown


Burlingham House
Originally built around 1765, the present day Burlingham House Visitors Center would be home to a series of farmers before Julian Alden Weir bought the property in 1907. Following massive renovations in 1932, his youngest daughter Cora Weir Burlingham and her family would begin living here.


Burlingham Barn
Burlingham Barn is a typical "English barn" with a construction date between the late 1700s and the early 1800s. The barn was the subject of etchings by Julian Alden Weir in the 1880s. It was altered in 1932 by the Burlingham family.


Outbuildings and Agricultural Zone
The woodshed was built sometime in the 1850s while the Webbs lived at the property. However, when the Burlinghams took possession of the property in 1931 the landscape and other buildings were redesigned and renovated.

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