• From Right to Left: Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio

    Weir Farm

    National Historic Site Connecticut


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Looking at the Historic Core of Weir Farm National Historic Site (left to right): Young Studio, Weir Studio, Weir House
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site
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Thomas Brown

Weir Complex
The historic core of the park, the Weir Complex covers approximately ten acres and includes the Weir House, Weir Studio, Young Studio, Weir Barn, the Secret Garden, and several outbuildings.

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Thomas Brown

Burlingham Complex
Comprising twelve acres south of Pelham Road, the Burlingham Complex includes the Burlingham House Visitor Center, the Burlingham Barn, the Sunken Garden and several additional buildings.


Pond and Woodland Area
The largest part of the park is located east of Nod Hill Road and includes the Caretaker's House and artist-in-residence studio. This area spans thirty-eight acres of dense forested canopy, streams, wetlands, and the historic Weir Pond.

Cultural Landscape
Generations of artists, their families, and their friends found inspiration in the landscape here at Weir Farm National Historic Site. Read the cultural landscape reports that were used to guide the preservation of Julian Alden Weir's Branchville home and maintain these inspirational landscapes.

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