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    Weir Farm

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Artist-in-Residence program

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Studio Exterior

Artists-in-Residence work in a modern art studio right next to their residence at Weir Farm National Historic Site.


Artist-in-Residence Program at Weir Farm National Historic Site

The Artist-in-Residence program at Weir Farm National Historic Site selects artists to spend one month living and working at the park. To date, 150 artists from throughout the United States, as well as Tunisia, Germany, Australia, and India have participated in the Artist-in-Residence program.

The Weir Farm Art Center (formerly the Weir Farm Trust) manages the Arist-in-Residence program at the park through a five-year renewable cooperative agreement, providing logistical and financial support and program publicity.

Applications are due January 15 and July 15.

Download: Application for the Artist-in-Residence program. For more information, please contact the Weir Farm Art Center at residency@weirfarmartcenter.org or 203-761-9945.


Meet the Artists

Artists-in-Residence - Winter 2015

Month Name Hometown Art Form Website Wilton Library Reception
(Go to wiltonlibrary.org to register)
January Benisse Lester Washington, DC Painting n/a 6:00 pm 1/26/2015
February Rachel Bacon The Hague, Netherlands Drawing, Sculpture, Installation www.rachelbacon.com 6:00 pm 2/23/2015
March Patricia Miranda Portchester, NY Painting, Drawing, Installation www.patriciamiranda.com 6:00 pm 3/23/2015
April Tatana Kellner Rosedale, NY Printmaking, Photography, Painting, Papermaking, Installation www.tatanakellner.com 6:00 pm 4/20/2015


Art Programs Throughout the National Park Service


Artist-in-Residence Programs in the National Park Service

Weir Farm National Historic Site and Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site initiated a project to better understand the current status and opportunities of National Park Service Artist-in-Residence programs. Both parks are dedicated to visual artists with active Artist-in-Residence programs.

Interested in working in national parks across the country? The National Park Service maintains a nationwide listing of Artist-in-Residence programs.


Arts Afire: Creative Engagement through the Arts

Arts programs engage visitors in exciting new ways. Arts Afire: Creative Engagement through the Arts, supported by Weir Farm National Historic Site, profiles five national parks who've developed arts programs for the modern day park visitor. The publication also includes practical suggestions for getting started and resource links.

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