• From Right to Left: Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio

    Weir Farm

    National Historic Site Connecticut

Branchville - March 1912

Branchville, March, 1912

Julian Alden Weir to his friend C.E.S.Wood:

We all expect to go abroad for two months this summer, July 13th and come back in September. This pleases the girls and Mrs. Weir, but honestly I would prefer to stay here. Yesterday I went up to Branchville for the day. It was balmy and the birds were singing and the odor of the earth was a most exhilarating perfume. The men were burning brush and everything looked lovely... This is about my time to get loose on the streams and I assure you fishing is not all in catching fish. A day in the open on a dancing stream is most exhilarating and if I do say it, it is ideal.

Did You Know?

Stars on the ceiling of Weir's studio - Photo by Barry McCormick

Many famous artists have found inspiration at Weir Farm National Historic Site. Childe Hassam, Albert Pinkham Ryder, and John Twachtman have all painted on site. More...