• From Right to Left: Weir House, Weir Studio, and Young Studio

    Weir Farm

    National Historic Site Connecticut

Be A Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Retreat
Newly-inducted Junior Rangers enjoying a summer day at Weir Farm National Historic Site.
National Park Service
JR Patch and Badge Things To Do

Junior Ranger Activities
Kids can earn a Junior Ranger badge by completing one of the following activities and can earn a special Junior Ranger patch by completing both!

Junior Ranger Letterboxing Booklet
The Junior Ranger Letterboxing Booklet directs you to use clues to navigate the landscape and locate stamps in hidden locations. Five containers, or letterboxes, have been hidden at various locations at the park.

Junior Ranger Pond Pack Booklet
For those choosing a nature walk, we have a Junior Ranger Pond Pack, a backpack containing art and nature-oriented activities to complete on a hike around Weir Pond.

Scout Ranger Patches
Scout Ranger
Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups can earn special badges and certificates for completing our Junior Ranger Activities. Groups should contact (203) 834-1896 x11 for more information.
Web Ranger
The National Park Service has a great Junior Ranger program for kids of all ages on line. You can play more than 50 games and learn about your National Parks Read More

Did You Know?

Stars on the ceiling of Weir's studio - Photo by Barry McCormick

Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut was established as a part of the National Park Service on October 31, 1990.