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There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Asan Beach Unit Closed Off a Section Due to Little Fire Ants

    Due to the presence of the invasive Little Fire Ant, War in the Pacific National Historical Park has closed a part of the Asan Beach Unit. More »

  • Additional Closure in Asan Beach Unit

    The park has closed an additional area along Asan Beach due to the invasive Little Fire Ant. More »

  • Temporary Closure of Asan Bay Overlook

    Renovations have begun at the Asan Bay Overlook, including removal and replacement of panels at the Memorial Wall. To ensure visitor safety and provide space for equipment, sections of the site will be closed to the public through mid-July. More »

Fees & Reservations

War in the Pacific National Historical Park does not have an entry fee.

Day Use Reservations

War in the Pacific National Historical Park, a national landmark created to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific theater of World War II, is an ideal spot for families or small groups to host a picnic, barbeque, small party, or relax.

Permits are required for groups larger than 25 people. Free Day Use Reservation Permits are available for private groups fewer than 100 people.

Please be aware that the following activities are prohibited:

  • Operating a generator
  • Organized sports
  • The use of weapons
  • Possession of fireworks
  • Camping
  • Ground fires
  • Entering tunnels and caves
  • Removing, cutting, or damaging natural resources
  • Climbing on trees or historic objects
  • Jumpers and bouncers
  • Driving or parking vehicles on the beach, sidewalks, or grass
  • Activities that prevent, disrupt or interfere with public access to park areas and points of interest

Reservations are issued on a first come, first served basis. Visitors should apply at least two days in advance. Day Use Permit usually approve in about two days. Requests may be denied due to the lack of sufficient time to process the request.

To complete your Day Use Reservation, stop by the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center or call 671-333-4050.

Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits are required for groups of 100 or more people, events sponsored by an organization or agency rather than an individual, or special activities such as:

  • First amendment rights
  • Weddings
  • Meetings and training using park facilities
  • Events or activities open to the public
  • Religious services or assemblies
  • Organized vehicle displays

To learn how to apply for a special use permit, call 671-333-4050.

*Commercial filming or photography requires a Filming Permit. To learn more about a Filming Permit, call 671-333-4050

Did You Know?

Japanese gun

The three guns located in the Piti Guns Unit were never fired during the War? Japanese soldiers and local laborers never mounted the guns in time.