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  • Asan Beach Unit Closed Off a Section Due to Little Fire Ants

    Due to the presence of the invasive Little Fire Ant, War in the Pacific National Historical Park has closed a part of the Asan Beach Unit. More »

  • Additional Closure in Asan Beach Unit

    The park has closed an additional area along Asan Beach due to the invasive Little Fire Ant. More »

  • Temporary Closure of Asan Bay Overlook

    Renovations have begun at the Asan Bay Overlook, including removal and replacement of panels at the Memorial Wall. To ensure visitor safety and provide space for equipment, sections of the site will be closed to the public through mid-July. More »

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Did You Know?


Guam was administered by the U.S. Navy beginning from 1898? The idyllic tropical life for the small military contingent was shattered by the Japanese attack on December 8, 1941.