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War in the Pacific NHP staff take part in the 2016 #GuamFindYourPark contest!

War in the Pacific NHP staff and partners kick off the #GuamFindYourPark Challenge. On the far side of the International Date Line, we are where the Centennial begins!

#GuamFindYourPark Photo Contest

The Find Your Park Photo Contest invites and challenges you to get out into your national park. Learn more here!

War in the Pacific NHP has launched a new cell phone tour of the park. Learn more!

The National Parks of the Pacific Islands protect and preserve some of our nation's greatest natural, cultural, and historical resources. Spread across the Pacific Ocean, they are first and foremost YOUR parks! Because of the vastness and isolation of these parks, we know that most people will never be able to visit… which is why we have joined together to provide the popular Pacific Islands National Parks blog!

Can't make it to Guam this year? You can still tour the park! View and share our virtual park tour and other videos on our expanding YouTube page.


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The national parks of the Pacific Islands encompass 5 time zones, hundreds of miles, and thousands of years of human history. But you can stay current with what we're doing in a single click - our Twitter feed: @PacificNPS.

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