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Map of Park Units

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Teach With Historic Places

Historic places generate excitement and curiosity about why they should be remembered. Visiting historic places offers valuable experience and information that can help bring history to life. It encourages imagination and helps students make important connec­tions between social and scientific disciplines, and subjects relevant to their own lives.

The Education on Wheels grant program provides trans­portation of school children on Guam to War in the Pacific National Historical Park sites to experience and gain a greater understanding of the people involved in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Students not only learn more, they also come to appreciate the value of preserving their island's cultural, natural, and historical heritage.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park Units
Park Rangers are available to conduct tours for your students to easily accessible sites:

Asan Beach During the recapture of Guam, the US 3rd Marine Division landed at this northern historical site on July 21, 1944.
Agat Beach Ga'an and Apaca Points make up this southern unit where the US Army 77th Infantry Division landed in July, 1944.
Piti Guns Containing the spectacular remains of three Japanese coastal defense guns, this unit also includes a Philippine mahogany forest,
planted prior to World War II.
Asan Bay Overlook Encompassing sweeping views of 1944 landing beaches, this inland unit also includes the dramatic and moving Memorial Wall honoring the sacrifice of American servicemen who died in the re­capture of Guam, as well as the Chamorros who suffered and died during the 32-month Japanese occupation.

Apply for your Education on Wheels Grant Today!

All teachers from grades K-12 are eligible to apply for the Education on Wheels grant. Participating teachers receive the following:

  • Free busing to and from the school, the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center, and park sites for up to 5 hours including guided tours of the park sites, travel time, and lunchtime at the park

  • Park representatives will visit your school, meet your students, and introduce the purpose and mission of national parks

  • A 6th - 12th grade Interactive Activities Packet that aligns with exhibits at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center

  • A 4th-8th grade educational discovery booklet exploring the history of the park, the Pacific Theater of World War II, and of the island's natural resources

  • Free Pacific Historic Parks Photo Power point presentations that help students analyze primary source photos taken on Guam during World War II

  • 10% off purchases at the Pacific Historic Parks bookstore

Our island’s legacy is waiting to be discovered at your national park.

Our island's legacy is waiting to be discovered at your national park.

To learn how to apply, click here to download the Education on Wheels Program Guidelines


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