Mammal collage

Mammals of Washita Battlefield NHS (Left: Ground Squirrel, Top Right: Porcupine in a Tree, Bottom Right: Armadillo)

NPS Photo

The following mammal species have been confirmed to inhabit or utilize Washita Battlefield NHS: American Badger, Armadillo, Beaver, Bobcat, Cave Myotis (a bat), Coyote, Deer Mouse, Hispid Cotton Rat, Eastern Cottontail, Hispid Pocket Mouse, Least Shrew, Northern Grasshopper Mouse, Opossum, Ord's Kangaroo Rat, Pocket Gopher, Porcupine, Racoon, Southern Plains Woodrat, Striped Skunk, Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel, Western Harvest Mouse, White-footed Mouse, White-tailed Deer.

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