• Along the Washita - 1868 by Gene V. Dougherty

    Washita Battlefield

    National Historic Site Oklahoma

Washita Library

Washita Resource Material

Washita Battlefield has over 300 titles to choose from.

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The 300 plus volume library built around the Battle of Washita and the Southern Plains Indians has books dealing with American Indian cultures, the U. S. Army, the flora and fauna of the Great Plains, the National Park Service and the U. S. Forest Service.

The library is for research purposes only. Please contact Joel Shockley at 580-497-2742 for further information.

Did You Know?

Pre-dawn Attack

As Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his men rode towards Black Kettle's camp, they endured four days of blizzard conditions. Several troopers were affected by the inclement weather, including field surgeons, Henry Lippincott and William Renicke, both of whom were stricken with snow blindness.