• Along the Washita - 1868 by Gene V. Dougherty

    Washita Battlefield

    National Historic Site Oklahoma

For Kids


Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger Program

Children from six to twelve can become a Junior Ranger at Washita Battlefield. Just pick up an activity booklet at the visitor center, and explore the park to find the answers to the book's activities.

Remember kids, ask your parents to help you fill out the booklet, and feel free to ask a park ranger any questions you might have.

Explore Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, complete the activities, and take the booklet to a park ranger for review. After the review, a Washita Battlefield Junior Ranger Badge will be awarded for a job well done.

Become a WebRanger at www.webrangers.us

Become a WebRanger!!!

Now you can be a Junior Ranger even if you are not able to visit a national park.

The WebRanger program is a safe, online Junior Ranger activity site for kids.

Kids of all ages are welcome to explore more than 50 games that will them learn about the National Park Service.

Visit the WebRanger website.

Did You Know?

Camp Supply 1869

Camp Supply, Indian Territory, was established November 1868, to support General Philip Sheridan's winter campaign against the Southern Plains Indians. Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the 7th U.S. Cavalry left this camp to search for and engage "hostiles" reported to be in their winter camps along the Washita River. This historic post is located 13 miles north of Woodward, Oklahoma on Highway 183.