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Night Sky


After Dark

When visiting Voyageurs National Park, half the park comes out after dark. From stellar vistas of moon and constellations to the howls and shufflings of wolves and raccoons, a whole new park atmosphere comes alive after dark. Explore the night.

Night Sky

The night sky is an overlooked experience by many who visit the park. The darkness, away from many light-polluting cityscapes, provides an opportunity to enjoy dark sky phenomenon including northern lights, meteor showers, and eclipses. Places where nightime dark overwhlems the landscape are slowly vanishing across the country. Voyageurs is a refuge for the dark, and strives to protect the night sky for all to enjoy.

Did You Know?

Park volunteer, Ida Mainville steers a canoe full of modern-day voyageurs.

You can see the park just as the voyageurs did over 200 years ago. Each summer the park offers guided trips aboard a 26-foot North Canoe.