Photos & Multimedia

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is the place to go for in-depth views of Voyageurs National Park. Each gallery captures a different aspect of the park's seasons, activities, and beauty. Experience the winter ice roads, an eagle fight, a fresh wolf kill, and many other scenes. With proper credit, these National Park Service photos may be dowloaded for personal use--anything from school projects to websites. More albums will be added over time. Enjoy the scenes.


Multimedia Presentations

At this time, the Multimedia Presentations section shares podcasts of several visitor destination sites at Voyageurs National Park. Each podcast lasts between five and fifteen minutes and the files may be downloaded for personal use on your devices. Each of these visitor destination sites can only be reached by watercraft. When travel is not possible, now you can experience the Minnesota gold rush at Little American Island or explore the imaginative rock creations at Ellsworth Rock Gardens. Vignettes of Voyageurs await.

Did You Know?