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Voyageurs National Park Assocation


Mission Statement

Voyageurs National Park Association's mission is to protect and promote the natural, recreational, and historic resources of Voyageurs National Park.

Park Cooperation

VNPA Stewardship of the park's historic and environmental assets, ensuring that Voyageurs National Park remains wild and pristine for future generations. Volunteers and financial assistance for the park, to allay the impact caused by reduced federal budgets. Economic benefit fot eht park's gateway communities and partnerships fo sustainable touism. Education opportunities and enduring experiences for youth in Minnesota's National Park, and in the classroom.

VNPA provides travel grants to connect students to the park, manages a Land Preservation Initiative to help willing sellers transfer private property to park ownership, and organizes an annual Volunteer Rendezvous. Under a New Executive Director, VNPA is expanding the scope of our programs to advance science based eduacation, youth engagement, and sustanable communities to grow lifelong connections between people and the park.

Organizaion Website

For further information about Voyageurs National Park Association visit www.voyageurs.org.

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