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  • High Water Alert

    Due to excessive amounts of rain fall, lake levels within the park have been rising. Caution! This has placed all park docks and some launch ramps underwater making for hazardous conditions. Some reservable sites have been closed until further notice. More »

For Teachers

Fall Program

Students learn about the environment during the time of the voyageurs from a park naturalist at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center.

Welcome to Environmental Education at Voyageurs National Park

Linking the preservation of Voyageurs to the conservation of your backyard and community.

We invite your school, you, and your students to participate in the park's environmental education program. If you would like to discuss the program more in-depth contact the Interpretation Division at 218-283-6670.

Teacher Information

Voyageurs National Park offers environmental education programs, pre-school through sixth grade, at the park and in the classroom.

Environmental Program Available January through May

  • Class size limited to 30 students at a time.
  • Individual classes only - no assemblies.
  • A ratio of 5:1 child to chaperone is requested.
Environmental Program Available in September
  • Individual classes or assemblies are welcome. We will take up to four classrooms at a time.
  • Class size is limited to 30 students.
  • A ratio of 5:1 child to chaperone is requested.

Education Program Prospectus

National parks provide outstanding outdoor classrooms that support and enhance your learning objectives in the classroom. The Environmental Education Interpreter at Voyageurs National Park conducts curriculum-based education programs that use this pristine landscape as a teaching tool for a variety of disciplines.

These programs encourage students to explore, experience, and engage in the learning process. Programs take place at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center within Voyageurs National Park. All programs are aligned with Minnesota State Science Standards.

For a complete listing of programs available, download the Environmental Education Prospectus (PDF).

Did You Know?

wolves move across a frozen pond in winter

Voyageurs National Park is home to several wolf packs. Listen for their distinctive howl or look for fresh tracks in the winter.