• Trunk Bay Beach, considered one of the 10 best beaches in the world is home to the underwater trail.

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  • Mosquito Borne Disease

    There are two mosquito transmitted diseases (virus), Dengue, and Chikungunya Fever, now in the Caribbean. Both viruses are transmitted by Aedes species mosquitoes, which have black and white stripes markings. Please take a look at link information. More »

Plan A Field Trip

Two students are writing data on a clipboard on a field trip.


We would love to welcome you and your students for a school field trip on the island of St. John within Virgin Islands National Park! An experience in the Park leads to better understanding of science and history concepts studied in the classroom. We can tailor a field trip to meet education standards and benchmarks.

This picture is a closeup of children's hands, one of which is holding a small tree snail.


Students who learn about the world around them during a visit to a National Park become careful stewards of our environment. They learn to appreciate and care for all living things, including small tree snails!

a picture of enthusiastic elementary-school-aged children on a Ranger-lead school field trip

Because of support from Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park, we can help with some of the school’s field trip transportation costs. If you’d like to arrange a field trip, here’s what you need to know --


Did You Know?

Spiny Sea Urchin in clear waters on a shallow reef.

The Spiny Sea Urchin has long spines that can readily penetrate the skin on the slightest touch, causing severe pain and possibly allergic reactions. Because the barbs cannot be completely removed, soaking affected areas in vinegar can speed up the in-body dissolving time, typically 3-4 weeks.