Boating Information

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The links below provide you with the information needed to ensure your boating stay in the park is enjoyable. You will find information on boat exclusion areas, vessel size limits, dinghy channels and anchoring areas. Be sure to download the Google Earth Marine project KMZ file. The Google Earth Project provides detailed information on all boating topics and includes information on best places to snorkel.

Anchoring Information This map provides coordinates for the designated anchoring areas.

Mooring "Quick Facts" The Virgin Islands National Park Quick Facts page provides you with information on fees, locations, vessel size limits, and mooring colors.

Mooring Guide The official Mooring Guide provides a map of the bays, information where you may operate a vessel or find a mooring in the Virgin Islands National Park or Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. It also includes Visitor Center contact information and instructions on how to pick up a mooring.

Hurricane Hole Storm Refuge information, applications and users guide.

Superintendent's Compendium The compendium contains laws and policies specific to Virgin Islands National Park. (pdf 260 kb) It includes information on closures, public use limits, anchoring and mooring, boat exclusion areas as well as many other activities.

Fishing or collecting of any kind is prohibited in the Monument.
Google Earth Marine Project

The Google Earth project provides you with everything you want to know about where to anchor, pick up a mooring, fish, or snorkel. Visit the Google Earth Project page, on our Virgin Islands National Park web site, to find the KMZ file, a video on how to use it and detailed instructions. You will then have all the boating and snorkeling information at your finger tips.

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