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Grant's Headquarters

Grant's Headquarters Tablet

Grant's Headquarters Tablet

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When General Grant arrived at Vicksburg he established his headquarters in a wood frame house northeast of the Old Graveyard Road. During the night of May 21-22 he was aroused from his sleep as soldiers, not knowing the General was inside, started removing boards and timbers from the exterior. Although at first upset, Grant, upon learning the reason for the dismantling, soon gave his approval for the troops to continue their efforts. The materials were used to construct planks and scaling ladders for the attack against the Stockade Redan on May 22. The general used a tent for his quarters for the remainder of the siege.
General Grant Statue
General Grant Statue at Grant's Headquarters
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Grant's Circle (Battle Summaries)

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Thomas O. Selfridge

Thomas O. Selfridge, captain of the USS Cairo, commanded three boats which sank during the war. Each began with the letter "C"-Cumberland, Cairo, and Conestoga. The coincidence was noted after the Conestoga sank, and Selfridge was assigned to the USS Osage, which survived to the end of the war.