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    National Military Park Mississippi

Confederate Parole Records - I


Last Name - First - MI - Rank                                Unit-State-Unit-Company      At
IARMAN                T         R    PVT                     36TH  GA   INF     D       FIELD

IARMAN                W         T    PVT                     36TH  GA   INF     D       FIELD

IERGANT               FRANK          CPL                     28TH  LA   INF     A       FIELD

IGON                  JOHN      T    CPL                     20TH  AL   INF     C       HOSP

IMBLER                JACKSON        PVT                  1ST/4TH  MO   INF     H       FIELD

IMRIE                 GEORGE         PVT                     21ST  LA   INF     C       FIELD

INGE                  JOHN      S    PVT                      5TH  MO   INF     E       FIELD

INGERHAM              W         J    PVT                     42ND  GA   INF     A       HOSP

INGERSOLL             W         K    SGT                     46TH  MS   INF     C       FIELD

INGHAM                WILLIAM   S    PVT                     15TH  AR   INF     A       FIELD

INGLIS                ALEX           PVT                     52ND  GA   INF     A       FIELD

INGLIS                J         D    PVT                     40TH  GA   INF     D       HOSP

INGRAHAM              A         C    PVT                     20TH  AL   INF     G       FIELD

INGRAHAM              A         D    PVT                      1ST  MS   LAR     C       FIELD

INGRAHAM              H         F    CPL                      1ST  TN   HAR  LYNCH'S    FIELD

INGRAHAM              JACKSON        PVT                      1ST  TN   HAR          refused parole

INGRAHAM              KENNEDY        PVT                      1ST  TN   HAR             FIELD

INGRAHAM              W         R    PVT                      3RD  MO   CAV     B       FIELD

INGRAHAM              WILLIAM   A    PVT                 WADDEL'S  AL   ART             FIELD

INGRAM                A         J    PVT                     40TH  MS   INF     C       FIELD

INGRAM                A         P    PVT                     22ND  MS   INF     F       HOSP

INGRAM                C         T    PVT                      3RD  MO   INF     F       FIELD

INGRAM                D         P    PVT                     27TH  LA   INF     F       FIELD

INGRAM                EZEKIAL        PVT                     34TH  GA   INF     E       FIELD

INGRAM                J         W    PVT                     19TH  AR   INF     H       FIELD

INGRAM                J         W   PVT                      42ND  GA   INF     E       HOSP

INGRAM                J              PVT                      1ST  TN   ART  CARUTHER   FIELD

INGRAM                JAMES          SGT                      2ND  TX   ART     E       FIELD

INGRAM                JEREMIAH       PVT                     52ND  GA   INF     G       FIELD

INGRAM                M         H    PVT                     14TH  MS   LAR     A       FIELD

INGRAM                O         R    PVT                     20TH  AL   INF     A       FIELD

INGRAM                R         T    PVT                     22ND  MS   INF     F       HOSP

INGRAM                WILLIAM        CPL                     43RD  GA   INF     G       FIELD

INGRAM                WILLIAM        CPL                      1ST  MO   INF     D       FIELD

INGRAM                WILLIAM        CPL                     40TH  GA    I      G       FIELD

INMAN                 HENRY          PVT                     43RD  MS   INF     L       HOSP

INMAN                 WILLIAM   S    PVT                     31ST  TN   INF     C       FIELD

INSKEEP               H         T    PVT                    LOWES  MO   ART             FIELD

INSLEY                W         T    PVT                      3RD  LA   INF     H       FIELD

INVINESS              W              PVT                     23RD  AL   INF     I       FIELD

INZER                 J         S    PVT                     56TH  GA   INF     E       FIELD

INZER                 W         G    CPL                     56TH  GA   INF     E       FIELD

IOINS                 JOHN           PVT                      1ST  TN   CAV     C       FIELD

IRAN                  D         M    PVT                     35TH  MS   INF     H       FIELD

IRBY                  ROBERT    N    PVT                      3RD  MO   INF     E       FIELD

IRVIN                 GEORGE         PVT                     60TH  TN   INF     C    refused parole

IRVIN                 ROBERT    C    PVT                     31ST  AL   INF     F       FIELD

IRVIN                 ROBERT        (MUS)                    40TH  AL   INF             FIELD

IRVIN                 WILLIAM   H    PVT                     34TH  GA   INF     F       FIELD

IRVING                SAMUEL         SGT                      1ST  MO   CAV     F       FIELD

IRVING                W         R    PVT                     40TH  MS   INF     K       FIELD

IRVINS                J         M    PVT                     36TH  GA   INF     F       FIELD

IRWIN                 E              PVT                      3RD  LA   INF     H       FIELD

IRWIN                 JOHN      P    PVT                     42ND  AL   INF     I       FIELD

IRWIN                 LEWIS          PVT                     43RD  TN   INF     H       FIELD

IRWIN                 S              PVT                      1ST  TN   HAR  LYNCH'S    FIELD

IRWIN                 W         G    PVT                      3RD  MO   INF     D       FIELD

IRWIN                 W         K    CPL                    LOWES  MO   ART             FIELD

IRWIN                 Y         M    PVT                WADDELL'S  AL   ART             HOSP

ISAAC                 ALEXANDER      PVT            POINTE COUPEE  LA   ART     C       FIELD

ISABELL               JAMES          PVT                     59TH  TN   INF     E       FIELD

ISARD                 N         J    PVT                      1ST  TX   ART     D       FIELD

ISBELL                NELSON         CPL                     62ND  TN   INF     H       FIELD

ISBELL                P         M    PVT                      3RD  TN   INF     B       FIELD

ISBELL                T         L    SGT                      3RD  TN   INF     K       FIELD

ISBELL                WILLIAM        PVT                      3RD  TN   INF     B       FIELD

ISBILL                M         L    SGT                      3RD  TN   INF     K       FIELD

ISBLE                 P              PVT                     62ND  TN   INF     F       FIELD

ISEMHORN              J         E    CPT                SMITH DIV MS/LA INF             HOSP

ISHAM                 OXTON          PVT                    WADES  MO   ART             FIELD

ISHEY                 FRANK     M    PVT                     35TH  MS   INF     I       HOSP

ISHIE                 ELISHA         PVT                      1ST  MS   LAR     C       FIELD

ISHUE                 J         M    PVT                     35TH  MS   INF     I       FIELD

ISOM                  BOWLING        PVT                     31ST  AL   INF     A       FIELD

ISON                  GEORGE    W    PVT                      3RD  MO   CAV     F       FIELD

ISRAEL                S         F    PVT                      3RD  MS   INF     E       FIELD

ISTRE                 ALFRED         PVT                     28TH  LA   INF     A       FIELD

ISUCS                 J         O    PVT                     31ST  LA   INF     A       FIELD

IVEY                  M         J    PVT                     36TH  MS   INF     C       FIELD

IVEY                  M         L   1SGT                     27TH  LA   INF     I       FIELD

IVEY                  WILLIS         PVT                     37TH  MS   INF     C       FIELD

IVY                   B        G H   PVT                     42ND  GA   INF     H       FIELD

IVY                   EDWARD        LCOL  CHIEF OF ARTY SMITH'S DIMS/LA INF             FIELD

IVY                   J         R    CPL                     35TH  MS   INF     K       FIELD

IVY                   JAMES     R    PVT                     39TH  GA   INF     A       FIELD

IVY                   JOSEPH         PVT                     37TH  MS   INF     B       FIELD

IVY                   S              PVT                      5TH  MS   ING     F       FIELD

IVY                   W         B    PVT                     56TH  AL   INF     I       HOSP

IVY                   W         L    PVT                      1ST  TN   HAR     A       FIELD

IZARD                 WILLIAM        CPL                     36TH  MS   INF     E       FIELD

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

President Abraham Lincoln, in speaking of Vicksburg's importance, is reputed to have stated early during the Civil War, "See what a lot of land these fellows hold, of which Vicksburg is the key, the war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket."