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    National Military Park Mississippi

1st Indiana Cavalry, Company C

unit position marker

Unit position marker

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Monument located on Union Avenue just beyond Park Tour Stop # 15. This unit was attached as headquarters escort to Brig. Gen. Alvin P. Hovey's 12th Division, Maj. Gen'ls John A. McClernand (relieved of command 19 June 1863) & Edward O.C. Ord's XIII Army Corps and was commanded by Lt. James L. Carey.
Unit position marker
Unit position markier
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Did You Know?

Thomas O. Selfridge

Thomas O. Selfridge, captain of the USS Cairo, commanded three boats which sank during the war. Each began with the letter "C"-Cumberland, Cairo, and Conestoga. The coincidence was noted after the Conestoga sank, and Selfridge was assigned to the USS Osage, which survived to the end of the war.